Journal Vol – 4 No -1, July 2009



A.De , M. Chaudhuri



I. The abstract of this paper is Nowinski obtained the thermo-elostic stresses and displacements in spherical shells and solid spheres with temperature deyendent propreties. Following Gibson. The present author has obtained the thermo-elostic stresses in an in-homogeneous spherical shell where the poisson's ratio, the co-efficieent of exponential thermal expansion very exponentially with the radial distance r from the centre of the shell.


thermal stress,spherical shells, thermo – electric stresses,


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Utpal Kumar Mandal



Large amplitude (nonlinar) free vibration analysis of thin shallow spherical elastic shalls of vairable thickness with tangentially clamped immovable edges has boon performed by using both (i) coupled governing differential equations derived in the Von Karman sense in trimes of displacement components as well as (ii) decoupled nonlinear governing differential equations on the basis of Berger approximation (i.e. neglection second strain invariant e2) derived from energy expression applying Hamilton`s principal and Euler`s variational equations. The governing differential equations are solved by Galerkin error minimizing technique incorporating clamped immovable edge conditions. A parametric study is presented to understand the effects of various parameters on nonlincear dynamic behavior of such structures and the same reveals some interesting features.


non linear vibration,spherical elastic shell,Berger approximation,Galerkin error ,


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Goutam Chakraborty, Supriya Panja



In this paper oscillatory Couette Flow of a visco-elastic Rivlin-Ericknes fluid thoruge a porous medium within two non-conducting paralled plates in presence of a transverse unifrom magnatic field in a rotating system has been studied.


hydromagnetic Couette flow, visco-elstic fluid,Rivlin –Ericksen fluid,


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M.A.K. Azad, M.A.Aziz, M.S.Alam Sarker



Following Deissler`s approach, the decay of MHD turbulence at times before the final period for the concentrantion fluotuations of a dilute contaminant undergoing a first order chemical reaction in a rotating system is studied. Here two and three point correlatoins between fluctuating quantitles have been third order correlations. The correlations equations are converted to spectrum over all wave numbers, the solution is obtained and this solution gives the Decay law of magnetic energy for the concentration fluctuations before the final period in a rotating system.


MHD turbulence, ,concentration fluctuations, ,energy spectrum, ,magnetic energy,


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M.Ali Akbar, Anup Kumar Datta, Md.Eliyas Karim



A fourth order nonlinear differention equation modeling an over-damped symmetrical system is considered. A perturbation technique is developed in this artical for obtaining the transient responsewhen the eigenvalues are in integral multiple. The results obtained by the presented technique agree with those results obtained by the numerical method nicely. An example is solved to illustrated method.


over-damped symmetrical system ,transient response,forth order non-linear differential equation,eigen values,


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M.Zulfiker Ali, M.Asaduzzaman



In this paper, we find a more generalized contractive mapping that is applied to prove some convergence theorems of Mann Iteration Procedure. Our proof is comparatively easy. Actually, here we generalized some theorems of Rhoades(3), Qihou(1). Ganguly and Bandyopadhy(8) Kannan(12) to develop the concept on convergence of Mann Iteration Procedure.


Contractive mapping,Convergence theorems,Mann Iteration procedure,


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A.De, S.Banik



The aim of the present paper is to investigate rotatory vibration of an isotropic  inhomogeneous elastic disk when the elastic constants and also the density of the material varies exponentially as the n-th power of the distance from the center and thinks such problem was not attempted before by any previous investigator and the corresponding results are shown graphically.


Rotator vibration,Isotropic,Inhomogeneous ,Elastic disk,


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