Utpal Kumar Mandal,



non linear vibration,spherical elastic shell,Berger approximation,Galerkin error ,


Large amplitude (nonlinar) free vibration analysis of thin shallow spherical elastic shalls of vairable thickness with tangentially clamped immovable edges has boon performed by using both (i) coupled governing differential equations derived in the Von Karman sense in trimes of displacement components as well as (ii) decoupled nonlinear governing differential equations on the basis of Berger approximation (i.e. neglection second strain invariant e2) derived from energy expression applying Hamilton`s principal and Euler`s variational equations. The governing differential equations are solved by Galerkin error minimizing technique incorporating clamped immovable edge conditions. A parametric study is presented to understand the effects of various parameters on nonlincear dynamic behavior of such structures and the same reveals some interesting features.


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