Dmitry A. Chistyakov,Galina I. Bykova,Natalya N. Korshunova,Alexander N. Kalugin,



Red Square,mausoleum,ziggurat,radiation,


The Soviet Mausoleum in Red Square is an object of historical, political, architectural and town-planning significance. Lenin's mausoleum is a construction of absolutely exceptional importance, not limited to the red square, Moscow or even the entire Soviet Union. This building is unique both for its purpose and architectural forms and artistic qualities. The creation of the Mausoleum is an integrated approach of the architect, according to the time period in which the design was carried out. The identification of its viability, nowadays, is an actual task for representatives of various professions: sociologists, psychologists, political scientists, city planners and architects. The analysis of the history of the mausoleum creation, the establishment of time parallel and also an assessment of the importance of town planning and space planning solutions let us suggest possible prospects for the existence of this object


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