Square Difference Labeling of Cycle, Path and Tree Related Graphs


P. Jagadeeswari,K. Manimekalai,K. Bhuvaneswari,




Square difference graph,duplication,switching of vertex,2-tuple graph,


In this paper, we prove that the duplication of each vertex of a path by an edge, the duplication of a pendant vertex by an edge of CnʘK1, 2-tuple graph of K1,n , the switching of a pendant vertex in path admit square difference labeling(SDL).


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g*(ei) g*(ej), ei  ejE(G).
Square Difference Labeling for 𝑇􀬶􀵫𝐾􀬵,􀬸􀵯
some special graphs of cycle, path and tree
quare labeling.
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2–tuple graphs of

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