On Square Sum Labeling Of Cycle Related Graphs


K. Manimekalai,S. Manisha,P. Jagadeeswari,




Square sum labeling,Cycle of Cycle graphs and H(r),


A (p ,q)-graph G(V,E) is said to be square sum if their exist a bijection g: V→{0, 1, 2, …, p -1} such that the induced map g*: E→N defined by g*(xy) = [g(x)]2 +[g(y)]2 for every xyE is one to one. The H-graph H(r) = (V,E) is 3-reqular graph with V= {vi,j: i =1, 2, 3; j = 1, 2, …,2r}and E = , 4 1  k k E where E1={𝑣􀯜,􀯝𝑣􀯜,􀯝􀬾􀬵 |i =1,3 & 1j 2r-1}, E2 ={𝑣􀬶,􀯝𝑣􀬶,􀯝􀬾􀬵|1j 2r-1 & j odd}, E3 = {𝑣􀬵,􀬵𝑣􀬵,􀬶􀯥,𝑣􀬷,􀬵𝑣􀬷,􀬶􀯥 }, E4={𝑣􀯜,􀯝𝑣􀯜􀬾􀬵,􀯝 |i=1,2 & 1j 2r}. Here we examine the square sum labeling of Cycle of Cycle graphs Ct(Cn) for t,n≥3 and H(r).


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