A. Hakeem Memon,Javed Ali Samejo,Zubair A. Memon,Ashfaque A. Hashmani,



Flyback converter,boundary conduction mode (BCM),power factor correction (PFC),variable on-time control (VOTC),constant on-time control (COTC) (COTC).,


The boundary conduction mode (BCM) flyback converter is widely used topology because of numerous advantages like isolation between input and output circuits, minimum component count, low operating duct-cycle, and simple structure. However, it is not possible to achieve high input power factor (PF) as the on-time is constant. It causes the input current total harmonic distortion (THD) to not satisfy IEC61000-3-2 limits. For improving the PF of the BCM flyback converter, a variable on-time control (VOTC) method has been introduced. The implementation circuits are also discussed. For verifying the validity of proposed technique, the simulation results are carried out.


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