Umm-e-Laila,Faheem Ali,Syed Siraj Uddin,Muhammad Shariq Sadiq,Muhammad Shahroz Siddiqui,Muhammad Ibrar ul Haque,



Biometrics,Face Recognition,Fingerprint Sensor,Voice Message Transfer,Security system authorization,


Security plays an important role in everyday life example in offices, institutions, libraries, laboratories and others. Providing security is necessary in order to keep important data confidential so that unauthorized person could not have an access on them. RFID cards were used to provide security. These cards however were not much useful for the user due to chances of getting lost, stolen and forgotten. The purpose of this study is to provide a Real time door security system with three-point authentication by designing a smart door access system using fingerprint module, face reorganization authorization and voice message passing. Use of this system is intended to provide access only to authorized persons. The term 'home.' Security 'is becoming increasingly prevalent as a major issue in today's life challenger. Developing a home-protection device is to make it user-friendly that can reduce human effort, ensure the safety and security of people and their homes. In case, the person categorizes as known guest, the device sounds a tune but don’t open the door automatically rather people inside home can open the entrance door from anywhere of the home. As guest is known people don’t need to walk towards door to open it. And when device detects the person as unknown person, it generates a notification at that an unknown person wish to enter your home.


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