Performance enhancement of Uninterruptible Power Supply inverter through Neural Network control strategy


Mr.Vijaya kumar.S,D.V.Ashok Kumar,Ch.Sai Babu,



UPS Inverter,Neural Network Controller for the inverter,THD,


This paper proposes to investigate the performance of UPS inverter under linear and non-linear loading conditions. It has been observed that the inverter’s output voltage distorts particularly under non-linear loading conditions. Conventional way of improving the quality of inverter output is through multiple feedback schemes. These conventional schemes also been developed in MatlabSimulink in order to estimate their performance both under linear and nonlinear loading conditions. Though they perform better under linear loading conditions, there seems to be a droop in their performance under non-linear loading conditions. Hence, the proposed neural network controller for the inverter has been designed and tested for the performance enhancement of the UPS inverter both under linear and non-linear conditions. Load variations and reference voltage variation methodologies have been followed for testing the proposed topology under closed loop for improving the performance of UPS inverter.


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