Atif Saeed,Rusel Bhaleshah,Behroz Noorani,Marium Feeroze Alvi,



Bacteria,Currency,Recycling,Refreshing,Economy,Hot Press,Cleaning agent,Stains,Contaminated environment,Commercial,Market Analysis,


This document concerned with the recycling or refreshing of the paper currency the circulation of the paper currency make it to loses its stiffness and due to the contaminated environment and humidity different kind of bacteria will grow on the surface of the currency which may cause different kind of diseases such as skin allergies, rashes , tuberculosis etc. As we know that Pakistan is among the underdeveloped countries with low GDP and every year printing of new currency notes always increase the burden on the economy of the country which s already suffering from economic crisis. PCBRPM is one of the solution to increase the stiffness of the paper currency by using hot press as well as for the removal of germs and stains it will clean it with water and antibacterial agent which will remove dirt stain and bacteria from the currency to complete the refreshing affect with the economical factor which will decrease the cost and expenditure to print new currency notes


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