Ali Asghar Memon,Syed Asif Ali Shah,MuhamamdTalha,Mutiba khan,Ahmad Ali Mustafa Irshaid,PoojaKumari,Mahaveer Mathrani,




MPPT,DC-DC converter,PEWT,PV Energy,


The demand for electricity is increasing day by day and the natural reserves of non-renewable fuels are rapidly diminishing. To avoid these energy crises, alternate energy source market is unavoidable which includes the wind energy, solar energy as well as the energy from vibrations (Piezoelectricity). There are numerous ways to provide the required pressure/vibration to the piezoelectric material. This paper proposes a hybrid simulation model that uses two energy sources which are wind and solar energy. The output from the piezoelectric system is converted to DC by a DC-DC converter. The solar panel is employed with a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technique which ensures the maximum output from solar energy at all times. The output from both the solar panel and the piezoelectric system is stored in a battery


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