Google Assistant Controlled Home Automation


B. Hemalatha,Balaji. S,Sowmiya manoj. M,Kanjula Hrushiekesh Reddy,



NodeMCU ESP8266,IFTTT -If This Than That Application,(IoT),Google Assistant,Voice Control,Smartphone,


“The system is implemented using ordinary household appliances Natural language voice commands are given to the Google Assistant and with the help of IFTTT (If This Then That) application and the Blynk application the commands are decoded and then sent to the microcontroller, the microcontroller in turn controls the relays connected to it as required, turning the device connected to the respective relay On or OFF as per the users request to the Google Assistant. The microcontroller used is NodeMCU (ESP8266) and the communication between the microcontroller and the application is established via Wi-Fi (Internet).”


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