Detecting and Disabling Digital Cameras using Image Processing Techniques


G. Angelo Virgin,Balaji S,K.Subbulakshmi,John Paul Praveen A,



Camcorder,CCD,LED,Retro reflector,Hough Transform,


In this paper, we discuss about the equipment has the ability to recognize and disabling digital cameras. The camera is positioned and neutralized by the system CCD is the image sensor available in every camera which is retro reflective and transmits light back to its source at the same angle. Infrared light is emitted by the device which is not visible to human eye at a distance of about 20 feet. Camcorder is used to accumulate the video of reflection. Then the video of the reflections is transmitted to a computer connected to the equipment , where it is sent through imageprocessing algorithms that acquires infrared light bouncing back an invisible infrared laser is projected into the camera's lens once the camera is identified, thereby overexposing the photo and providing it useless. Digital camera are neutralized by low level IR lasers but are neither a health danger to homosapiens nor physical damage to cameras. We review the simplified design of the device that can utilized in theatres to block piracy. The research areas being covered here are optics and image processing.


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