Abdoulhdi A. Borhana,Uma Shankar,R. Kalaivani,M.A. Khattak,Yasir Hassan Ali,Omar Suliman Zaroog,




Ball bearing,early fault detection,time domain technique,inner raceways,


One of the most important assets in an industry would be rotating machines. The reliability and availability are very crucial in order to support the accomplishment of an industry field. Major and even minor faults in rotating machines cause a decrease in both productivity and cost efficiency. Various methods have been studied by researcher and introduced in the industry for the detection of an early fault in rotating machines. Vibration signal analysis is one of a standout amongst other methods. This research paper focused on early fault detection in the bearing component at two different positions; inner raceway and ball. The faults were established at three different diameters of 0.007 inches, 0.021 inches, and 0.028 inches. By utilizing time domain technique, parameters such as mean, median, standard deviation, RMS, skewness, impulse factor and shape factor were determined. The vibration signal for both healthy and faulty bearing was deliberated by using the MATLAB software. All the data obtained were represented in graphs where the healthy and faulty bearing values were compared and analyzed.


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