Development of A Low Cost CONTINOUS Motion Machine That Acts Both Active and Passive for Wrist Rehabilitation


Vickneswari Durairajah,Suresh Gobee,John Lim Hong Aun,



Wrist Rehabilitation,Android Application,Passive Motion Rehabilitation,Active Motion Rehabilitation,Wrist Motions,


The aim of the project is to rehabilitate the wrist of a stroke patient for three different wrist movements. The system develop is a continuous motion machine that has both active and passive motion mode which has three rehabilitation modes. The method used to solve this is to have a modular design that is able to be configured easily to different rehabilitation modes. The developed system has a position sensor, a motor and a controller The outcome achieved by the overall system is 70%-90%. The flexion and extension mode is able to achieve an accuracy of 70%-90%, radial and ulnar is between 70%-85% and supination and pronation and is between 65%- 85%. The limitation of the system is the angle sensor which has a non-working area, the precision of the angular movement of the motor varies from the system and the mounting mechanism of the motor has some stability issues. The future works of the system is to have a stepper motor with precise angle movement, better motor mounting mechanism to increase stability.


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