G Ravi Kumar,S Rahamat Basha,Surya Bhupal Rao,




Text mining,Information extraction,Information Retrieval,Applications,Patterns,


Nowadays, text mining research has become one of the broad areas of research of natural language documents. A comprehensive overview of text mining and existing research status are discussed in the results of this study. The discovery of relevant patterns and trends for analyzing text documents from a huge volume of information is a major issue. Text mining is an extract from a huge number of text documents for interesting and nontrivial trends. Various methods and tools exist to determine the text and identify valuable information for future analysis and decisionmaking. The right and effective techniques for text mining help to speed up the extraction of valuable information and decrease the time and effort required. This document describes and reports the methods and applications of text mining in various fields of life. In addition, issues are identified in the field of text mining that affect the accurate and relevant results.


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