Using Increased Section Thickness to Gain Inherent Fire Protection in Single Span Portal Frames


Nasir Khan,Muhammad Hasnain, Shabbir Ahmad, Fawad Khan,Sharifullah khan,



Fire Protection, Fire boundary condition,intumescent coating,Porta frame structure,Stanchions thickness,


All over the world, different designs are used for construction of any type of structure. The Structure is design with mutual understanding of structure and architecture engineer to make structure stable and having an attractive look for the people. Beside this one of most essential component which must be installed in any type of structure is fire protection. To enhance the stanchions thickness in single span portal frame structures with fire boundary conditions cost analysis examine in this study. More ever this study also investigates to gain an inherent fire protection for fire resistance design periods. Using this method the cost is compared with common techniques for fire protection such as applying intumescent coating to frame members. In this study for conducting the analysis a portal type frame structure was designed. Different tests are conduct on the design portal frame structure and it is concluded that for fire resistance using the increase thickness of section is economical of fire protection while the design period is up to 30 minutes. Using the inherent protection method against the application intumescent coating for a period of 30 minutes more than 21% energy is saved. Significant cost of saving recorded in a project having large scale construction.


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