To Negate The Power Losses In Grid System By Selecting Case Study Of Malakand Divison


Hamza Mustajab, Muhammad Aamir Aman, Fazal Wahab Karam,Muhammad Mustajab Khan,



Power Losse, Grid System, Power Hous, Renewable Ener,Piezoelectric,Electrical Energy,


Electricity frame has constantly changed over the past decades but there has not been quite improvement on increasing the production capability. Keeping in view of the increased movement of population from the rural to urban and ever increasing load of the industrial and agricultural areas the need for electrical power has sky rocketed. There is not only problem with the production side but also with the transmission to the consumer end which makes the problem even more serious and needs to be addressed vigilantly. The load demand of Chakdara and other grid station was calculated as 550 MV. The available source for Mardan to Chakdara could cater load = 270MW load shered and Dargai, Golan gol and Bahrain Powerhouse equal to 60MW. Load demand to be covered =550-(270+50) = 220MVA. By energizing 220 kV grid station Chakdara the load shered = 240 MW, load shedding vanished. This research paper brings us to this conclusion that the system is facing issues like identification of problems, proper management, and inability of the government to take appropriate action, lack of investing parties and also highlights and point out the areas that need improvement.


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