The two variables (G’ /G,1/G) – expansion method for investigating exact solutions to nonlinear medium equal width equation


Md. Azmol Huda,M. Ali Akbar ,Md Samsuzzoha,



Nonlinear PDEs,Closed form traveling wave solutions,nonlinear evolution equations,medium equal width equation(MEW),


In this article, the (G' /G,1/G) - expansion method, an extension of the (G'/G) -expansion method, is applied to searching further general closed form traveling wave solutions of the nonlinear partial differential equations viz. the medium equal width (MEW) equation. This equation comes out in many physical applications and is used to model for nonlinear dispersive waves. The obtaining exact solutions are expressed in terms of hyperbolic, trigonometric and rational functions. This method represents a wider applicability for solving different nonlinear wave equations and demonstrates power, reliability and efficiency.


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