The Space – Time is Flat at an Absolute Free Space. It is the Mass that Makes Space – Time Curved in. The Physical Time is Discrete or Continuous is An Observer Dependent Realism only


Prasenjit Debnath,



Absolute free space,Discrete,Continuous,The physical time,Infinite mass,


According to Einstein, the astronomical bodies try to move in a straight line – it is the curved space – time that makes their paths curved in. This paper proposes that the space – time is originally a flat space – time (at an absolute free space), it is the presence of mass that makes space – time curved in. Whether the physical time is discrete or continuous, is an observer dependent realism only. An observer like human being uses neither too small units of time nor too big units of time. An observer like human being uses average or moderate units of time which makes time continuous and flat. The physical time is discrete and flat for too small units of time. The physical time is continuous and curved in for too big units of time. The space – time can be curved in into a point for infinite mass concentrated into a point. Theoretically, it should be the center of our universe.


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