The Generalized Kudryashov Method: a Renewed Mechanism for Performing Exact Solitary Wave Solutions of Some NLEEs


M.Mijanur Rahman,M. A. Habib,H. M. Shahadat Ali,M. Mamun Miah ,



The generalized Kudryashov method, Couple Boiti-Leon-Pempinelli equations, DSSH equation, fourth-order nonlinear AKNS equation,travelingwave solution,exact solution,


The present study deals with the applicability and effectiveness of the algorithm of generalized Kudryashov method (GKM), which is one of the most workable methods to constitute the exact traveling wave solutions of non-linear evolution equations (NLEEs) in physical and mathematical science. The recent paper, we enucleated this method for each of the following Couple Boiti-Leon-Pempinelli equations system, DSSH equation and fourth-order nonlinear Ablowitz-Kaup-Newell-Segur (AKNS) water wave dynamical equation. The prominent competence of this method is to naturalize the way of solving systems of NLEEs. Moreover, we can see that when the parameters are ascribed to the particular values, obtain solitary wave solution from the exact travelling wave solution. The obtained new solutions have a wide range of inflictions in the field of physics and other areas of applied science. To perceive the physical phenomena, we have plotted coupled with some 2𝐷 and 3𝐷 graphical patterns of analytic solutions obtained in this study by using computer programming wolfram Mathematica. The worked-out solutions ascertained that the suggested method is effectual, simple and direct and can be exerted to several types of nonlinear systems of partial differential equations.


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