The Basics of Special Relativity are the Same: It is A Deliberate Attempt for Conceptual Modifications Only. Space – Time is A Curvature (Complete Closed Loop) for Fermions only And Space – Time is A Curvature (Semi – Elliptical) for Bosons.


Prasenjit Debnath,



The special theory of relativity,Space –time, Particle and antiparticle pair,Annihilation,Mass –energy equivalence equation,


A defining year in physics was 1905 when great Einstein first postulated a great theory in physics: the special theory of relativity. Very few understood the theory that time and even fewer believed in this theory. Keeping all the basics of that theory intact, it is just a deliberate attempt to introduce some conceptual modifications in the special theory of relativity. This paper also focuses on space – time as a curvature (Complete Closed Loop) for fermions and space – time is a curvature (Semi – Elliptical) for bosons. The assumptions are made that mass and velocity of a particle or antiparticle cannot go negative. A revision on the mass – energy equivalence equation is proposed in this paper and theoretical relationships of space – time for fermions and bosons are proposed with some conceptual modifications in the special theory of relativity in the light of particle and antiparticle pair production and annihilation. In this paper, conceptual modifications are arranged in such a way to justify conclusion.


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