Technical Advancement on Various Bio-signal Controlled Arm- A review


SudiptaPaul,Sanjeev Kumar Ojha,Swati Barui,Soumendu Ghosh,Moumita Ghosh,Biswarup Neogi,Ankur Ganguly,



Prosthetic Arm,Bio-signal,Electromyography (EMG),Electroneurography (ENG), Electro-Mechanical Arm,


In the recent time,the research and development have been blooming in the field of the prosthetic system,especially on the prosthetic arm.Thispaper emphasizesa precise study of continues advancement of the prosthetic arm. The latest expansions of the prosthetic arm are renovated with implementations of biomedical innovations. Different novel approaches are reflected in a sort of research works with technical progress considering the diverse aspect of complexity, cost, size, material, dexterity, the degree of freedom. A Systematic research and development work on the prosthetic arm and Electromyography(EMG) controlled prosthetic arm devices, Electroneurographysignal (ENG) driven prosthetic arm and devices are deeply specified in this paper. The innate efforts of the scientists and researchers of this field as well as accumulated erudition from various research papers, books and patents areenlightened and assisted in this attempt of drawing a complete overview of arm prosthesis.


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