S. Savitha,P. Thirunavukarasu,



Convex space,Fixed point proposition,Metrically convex planetary,Non-self-mappings,Single valued plotting,


This intriguing article delves deep into the concept of non-self-plottings within the intricate realm of metrically curved planetary systems, meticulously analyzing and dissecting various fixed point propositions that govern these celestial bodies. Within the confines of this chapter, we embark on a journey to explore and elucidate Assad's groundbreaking discovery, delving into its complexities and implications to present a more elaborate and all-encompassing single-valued plotting. This development not only serves as a noteworthy extension of Assad's work but also emerges as a significant and groundbreaking generalization of Chatterjea's fundamental primary proposition, shedding new light on the dynamics of planetary motion and positioning in the vast expanse of the universe.


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