Shahzad Khan, Samiullah Qazi,Ali Siddique, Muhammad Rizwan,Muhammad Saqib,



Reinforced concrete,Deficient wall,partial retrofit,CFRP fabric,cyclic loading ,


In this paper, the experimental results of a partially retrofitted non-compliant with code concrete shear wall using uni-directional carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) are introduced. The common deficiencies in the wall were insufficient reinforcement, un-confinement at boundary zone, the lake of in-plane stiffness, and ductility. The adopted retrofitting technique consists of the CFRP strips bonded to both wall face with mesh anchors installed in the wall panel and foundation to avoid debonding. The wall was tested before and after retrofitting under a constant axial load, and the displacement control lateral cyclic load was applied to the head beam level. The retrofitted wall showed satisfactory results in terms of drift and shear strength. The test results include the failure pattern, load-displacement behaviours, and deflected shape.    


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