Real Time Power Quality Improvement Model for North West General Hospital (NWGH)


Faheem Ali,Muhammad Naeem Arbab,Sahibzada Muhammad Faheem,Mehr E Munir,



Static VAR Compensator,Power Factor Improvement (PFI),Power Quality Improvement (PQI),Thyristor Switched Capacitors (TSC),Flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS),


Hospitals, generally have sensitive medical equipment and other associated machinery, have considerably low power factor. Low power factor results in lagging VARs that needs immediate balancing to avoid surcharge and to keep the voltage in permissible limits. This is only possible if power factor could be brought back to unity. Static capacitors though an inexpensive solution results in high inrush currents. Regulators upshots higher currents thus resulting in power losses. Also, static capacitors can tackle the reactive VARs, but only is well defined steps. Thus, a step-less process of sensing, controlling, and injection of is required. A real-time solution is offered in this paper which would help in retaining high power factor.


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