Propagation Of Waves In A Microstretch Elastic Solid Layer


D.P.Acharya,Chaitali Maji ,



microstretch layer ,wave propagation ,micropolarity,wave velocity,


  • Starting from the fundamental equations of motion for liner homogeneous isotropic microstretch elastic solid media, two dimensional wave propagation in a microstretch layer has been investigated in this paper. Under suitable boundary conditions concerned frequency equations involving a eighth order determinant has been obtained. Expressing the determinant as a product of two fourth order determinants, several possibilities and the corresponding wave velocities have been found out in closed forms. Two interesting particular cases when the large of the wave is very small or large relative to the thickness of the layer have been discussed. Graphs have been drawn to highlight the effect of microstretch and micropolarty in the propagation of waves. It is found that the wave velocity increases with the increase of the microelastic parameter while the stretch character of the medium causes diminution of the wave velocity.


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