Prevailing Pakistan’s Energy Crises


Muhammad Aamir Aman,Muhammad Zulqarnain Abbasi,Hamza Umar Afridi,Khushal Muhammad,Mehr-e-Munir,



Power generating capacity,Energy Crisis,Supply and demand,Renewable Energy,Energy Sources,


The important facts that causes the shortfall in the supply of electrical energy in Pakistan is discussed in this research work. The basic causes due to which the decline in supply and a review about the energy potential in Pakistan were analyzed. It is also investigated that how much important is to utilize the renewable energy and how it will be useful to tackle the shortfall. The solution for that problem is given i.e. to construct small hydro- electric power station on the run of river. This paper will be very helpful for minimizing the shortfall of electricity in Pakistan. To tackle the energy crisis different solutions were given, that is further divided into three terms. Short term solution, Medium term solution, and Long term solution .In short term solution ,the line losses will be reduced, and Power generating capacity will be improved. In medium term solution, the renewable energy resources will be installed. And in long term solution, the thermal power fuel, the myth of Thar coal, stand-alone power projects will be replaced and also the national grid will be dismantled to overcome these crisis.


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