S.V.N. Sreenivasu,M. Aparna,



Soft-Learning Techniques,Machine Learning Approach,Basics of Predictive Analytics,Decision Tree Techniques (C4.5 and ID3),Big Data,


Soft-learning courses are sought-after as well as late. The need to examine understudy's presentation and anticipating their exhibition is expanding alongside it. With the developing notoriety of instructive innovation, different information digging calculations appropriate for anticipating understudy execution have been surveyed. The best calculation is based on the idea of the forecast that the staff needs to make. As the measurement of understudy information broadens the need to address and manage the complexities of the information connection, it is a test for the discovery of the understudy at risk of being short-lived.  In this paper covers the ID3 and C4.5 algorithms used for Predictive Analytics on understudy's presentation and Big Data with cloud.


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