Power and Energy Storage of Wind Energy in Distributed Generation Network


Alamzeb Shahzad,Waleed Jan,Muhammad Aamir Aman,Ehtesham-ul-Haq,Mehr E Munir,




Wind Energy,Energy Storage, Distributed Generation,Wind Energy Farm,Power Generation,Power flow,


Power is a necessary tool for modern civilization. All the modern achievements and technology have made man achieve more and more day by day but use of fossil fuels tends to be limited. On other hand, technologies and techniques are being developed to use natural renewable sources in order to full fill power and energy demand. Distributed Generation is part of new renewable energy trend in which different grid resources are added to meet user end requirements. This paper presents an approach to limit the power storage from wind energy while working with voltage levels. The study is performed in mainly two levels. First the wind profile is studied with load requirements and then detailed control is performed for optimal power flow (OPF). It is found that storages can be changed via user requirement while also depending upon threshold of DG network.


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