D. P. Acharya,Indrajit Roy,H. S. Chakraborty,



visco-elastic plate,initial stress,magnetic fluid,wave propagation,


The aim of the present paper is to investigate the propagation of waves in a magneto­visco-elastic initially stressed electrically conducting plate of finite thickness involving time rate of strain and stress of higher order. The initial stress is assumed to be of the nature of hydrostatic tension or compression. The normal mode analysis is used to obtain the wave velocity equations for the waves propagated in the plate bounded by stress free plane boundaries. The wave velocity equations in different cases, obtained in this paper may be considered as more general in the sense that the results presented by other authors may be obtained as special cases in the absence of additional fields. Numerical computations are carried out and the effects of higher order viscoelasticity, magnetic field and initial stress on the phase velocity ratio are exhibited graphically.


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