Numerical Solution And Global Error Estimation of Peristaltic Motion Of A Jhonson-Segalman Fluid With Heat and Mass Transfer In A Planer Channel


Mokhtar A. Abd El Naby,Nabil T. Mohammed El Dabe,



Johnson-Segalman fluid ,heat transfer ,mass transfer ,global error , peristaltic,


Runge-kutta-Marson Method and Newton Iteration in shooting and matching technique ware used to obtain the solutions of the system of the non-linear ordinary differential equations, which describe the two-dimensional flow of a Johnson-segalman fluid with heat and mass Transfer in a planer channel having walls that are transversely displaced by an infinite, harmonic traveling wave of large wavelength. Accordingly, we obtained the solutions of the momentum, the energy and the concentration distributions of the problem were illustrated graphically. Effect of some parameter of this problem such as, Weissenberg number W, total flux number F, Eckeret number, Prandtle number P, Soret number S, Schmidt S, Reaction number Rc, Reaction Parameter R, and reaction order m on these formula were were discussed. Also we estimate the global error for the numberical values of Solution by using Zadunaisky technique.


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