Khalid H. Malik,Sanaullah Dehraj,Sindhu Jamali,Sajad H. Sandilo,Asif Mehmood Awan,




Moving beam,Viscous Damping,Secular terms,Eigen functions,Straight-forward expansion method,


In this paper, a transversal vibration of an axially moving beam under the influence of viscous damping has been studied. The axial velocity of the beam is assumed to be positive, constant and small compared to wave-velocity. The beam is moving in a positive horizontal direction between the pair of pulleys and the length between the two pulleys is fixed. From a physical viewpoint, this model describes externally damped transversal motion for a conveyor belt system. The beam is assumed to be externally damped, where there is no restriction on the damping parameter which can be sufficiently large in contrast to much research material. The straightforward expansion method is applied to obtain approximated analytic solutions. It has been shown that the obtained solutions have not been broken out for any parametric values of the small parameter 𝜀. The constructed solutions are uniform and have been damped out. Even though there are several secular terms in the solutions, but they are small compared to damping.


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