Numerical study and CFD Simulations of Incompressible Newtonian Flow by Solving steady Navier-stokes equations using Newton’s method


K. M.Helal,



Navier-Stokesequations,CFD simulation,finite elementmethod,Newton-Raphsonmethod,


Inthis paper, incompressible Newtonian flow is numerically studied byapproximatingthesolutionof the steady Navier-Stokes equationsin two dimensional case.Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)simulationsare carriedout byusing thefiniteelement method.Newton’smethodis applied to solvetheNavier-Stokes equationswherethe finite element solutions of Stokes equations is considered as the initial guess to obtainthe convergenceof Newton’s sequence.The numericalsimulations are presentedin termsofthe contours ofvelocity, pressure and streamline. All themeshes andsimulations areimplementedonthegeneralfinite element solver FreeFem++.Atwo-dimensionalbenchmark flow was computedwith posteriori estimates.It hasalsobeen established thatthe free accesssolverFreeFem++ can provide a reasonable good numerical simulationsof complicated flow behavior.


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