A Direct Analytical Method for Finding an Optimal Solution for Transportation Problems


M. Wali Ullah,Rizwana Kawser,M. Alhaz Uddin,




TP=Transportation problem,SS=Stepping Stone ,MODI= Modified Distribution,NCM= North-West Corner Method , LCM= Least Cost Method,VAM= Vogel’sApproximation Method,Numerical Example,


In this paper a direct analytical method is proposed for finding an optimalsolution for a wide range of transportation problems. A numerical illustration isestablished and the optimality of the result yielded by this method is also checked. Themost attractive feature of this method is that it requires very simple arithmetical andlogical calculations. Themethod will be very worthwhile for those decision makers whoare dealing with logistics and supply chain related issues.One canalsoeasily adopt theproposed method among the existing methods for simplicity of the presented method.


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