Babak Mansoori,Ashkan Torabi,Arash Totonchi,



Strengthening,Reinforced Concrete Beam,Abacus Software,CFRP Rebar,GFRP,Steel Sheets,


The present study investigates the effect of strengthening the reinforced concrete beams using different methods, including CFRP reinforcement, GFRP and metal sheets. The analytical method used in this section is the finite element using the Abacus simulator. Accordingly, simple double-head beam was modeled and various scenarios were analyzed by applying the appropriate loading and boundary conditions. Results of the uniform loading in bending test in the modes in which the reinforcements are replaced with carbon reinforcements, Mode A3 showed the best behavior and in the case of using Class A GFRP laminates, G3 beam showed the best behavior in the bending test. In the use of steel sheets, it was observed that the steel sheets had more favorable behaviors than all other modes and it decreased compared to GFRP-reinforced modes. Stress and strain diagrams were plotted for the modeling.


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