MHD Flow And Heat Transfer Of Micropolar Visco-Elastic Fluid Between Two Parallel Porous Plates With Time Varying Suction


N.T.M. Eldabe,Mona A.A. Mohamed ,Mohamed A. Hagag,



MHD flow ,heat transfer ,micropolar Visco-elastic fluid ,plates,


Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow and transfer of an incompressible electrically conducting micropolar visco-elastic fluid between two infinite parallel horizontal non conducting plates is studied taking into consideration the action of a transverse magnetic flied that is perpendicular to the plates. The two plates are kept at different but constant temperatures. The solutions of equations which governing the flow are obtained by using perturbation technique equations and finite difference approximation. The effects of various physical parameters acting on the problem are discussed and graphical representation for the velocity, angular velocity, the induced magnetic field and temperature are also given.


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