IoT Security: A review of vulnerabilities and security protocols


Ravi Kiran Varma P,Priyanka M,Vamsi Krishna BS ,Subba Raju KV,



Internet of Things,IoT,Vulnerabilities,,ecurity Issues,Protocols,IoT Security,


Internet of Things (IoT) technology is ubiquitous. In the past decade there was an exponential growth in IoT deployments, so as the potential danger of attacks and threats using IoT devices. The privacy of an individual can be breached and the sensitive information can be disclosed if proper security measures are not in place in the IoT device. A patient monitoring system using an IoT device is vulnerable to many such threats. Even centrifuges and atomic reactors were fallen victim of an industrial security breach caused by popular malware like slammer and Stuxnet. Vehicular and personal gadgets are vulnerable to IoT vulnerabilities that may lead to a leak of information to potential insurance companies and thereby increase of premiums. Our own homes including energy meters, IP cameras, and security monitoring systems may be taken control by hackers if there exist vulnerabilities in the IoT devices. This paper, discusses on IoT vulnerabilities by surveying several sectors of IoT and proposes several security measures that can be implemented to minimize those vulnerabilities.


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