Investigation of the effect of micro-fillers on Viscoelastic and Erosion wear Characteristics of PTFE composites


Gamini Suresh,Lakshmi Srinivas Ch,M Chandra Sekhar,



PTFE composites,glass fibers,carbon fibers,graphite,viscoelastic properties,erosion wear,


Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE)is one type of the most prominent semi-crystalline engineering thermo-plastics. The functional properties of PTFE are enhanced with the addition of micro-fillers inorder to increase the utility of the composites. In the current work, three types of industrial Teflon composites with micro-fillers viz. 25% by weight of glass fibers, 25% by weight of carbon fibers, and 25% by weight of graphite along with neat PTFE were used to investigatethe viscoelastic and erosion wear characteristics. From the Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) graphs, it was observed that PTFE with 25% by weight of GF has shown peak viscoelastic characteristicsinthree-point bending mode. The viscoelastic properties such asstorage modulus of 1 GPa, loss modulus of 84 MPa and a tand of 0.137 respectively at 1400 C were observed from the DMA plots for the sample (PTFE+25%GF).Also, the erosion wear behavior of the same sample has shown good resistance at 1.5 bar and 90o impingement angle respectively due to the addition of glass fiber micro-filler.


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