Effect of back pressure and temperature on the densification behaviour of Al-Mg alloy


N. B. Prakash Tiruveedula,T.CH. Anil Kumar,Pagidi Madhukar,Balasubramanian Ravisankar,S.Kumaran,






The current research has been aimed to study densification of Al-Mg alloy which was made with optimum sized Nanopowders through Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) technique. Al-Mg alloy nanopowder was synthesized through high energy ball milling process in the optimised condition. XRD was used to analyze the crystallite sizes of powders prepared at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 hrs in ball mill and the minimum crystallite size of 20.388nm achieved at 30hrs was found to be the best milling time. Consolidated specimens were prepared at three working conditions; without back pressure, with back pressure and with back pressure at high temperature (250°C). At each working condition, two passes were made to get better densification in the specimen. The specimens were analyzed for hardness, density, and microstructure. It was found that 92.11% of dense material was formed with a hardness of 64HRB.


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