Investigation of Self – Dithering Technique on MASH 1-1-1 and Third Order Error – Output Feedback Modulator


Sohail Imran Saeed,Khalid Mahmood,Mehr-e-Munir,



Power generating capacity,Energy Crisis,Supply and demand,Renewable Energy,Energy Sources,


Digital delta sigma modulator (DDSM) is integral part of the divider of PLL based fractional –N frequency synthesizer. The output of DDSM is notorious for spurious tones in its output. Generally, the inherent periodicity of DDSM is considered the main reason for generation of these tones. The recent researched focus on the role of linear feedback shift register (LFSR) based pseudorandom dither which is added with input of DDSM to break its periodicity. Since, an ideal random sequence cannot be realized; the periodic nature of LFSR dither itself is considered a sour to energize these spurious tones appearing at the output of synthesizer. The self-dithering technique is claimed to perform the efficient dithering of the input of DDSM without using LFSR. In this paper we investigate the use of self-dithering technique with MASH 1-1-1 & EOFM mash that is claimed to be as effective as LFSR dither.


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