Sarmad A. Abdal Hussein,Sarmad A. Abdal Hussein,



Solar tower,porous metal foam,performance of the solar tower,ANSYS FLUENT,renewable energy,


The performance of the solar updraft tower system (SUTS) investigates numerically by comparing between two quarters circular thermal solar collectors (with and without porous absorber plate). The porous copper foam 10 PPI and porosity 0.9 is used as an absorber plate. The present work aims to study the effect of variation the heights of the air inlet (3, 5, and 8) cm respectively utilized conventional flat and porous metal foam absorber plate. The physical quantities inside flat and porous absorber plate are simulated. A set of assumptions are adopted such as a steady state condition, three dimensional, Darcy  and energy equations. The numerical simulation are approximated k- ϵ turbulent model by a Re-Normalization Group (RNG) and discrete ordinates (DO) radiation model equations. The numerical study is analyzed by using ANSYS FLUENT program (version 18.2) to solve the governing equations. The results showed that variation in the heights of the air inlet with  the presence of the porous absorber plate is more effective than the conventional flat plate on the performance of the SUTS. The maximum performance of the system is predicted with the height of the air inlet of 3 cm by using the porous metal foam absorber plate


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