If Space and Time are the Necessary Conditions for Sustaining the Universe, then, Mass and Energy are the Sufficient Conditions for the Universe. One Condition can be Smoothly Transformed into the Other Conditions and Vice Versa


Prasenjit Debnath,




The space and time,The mass and energy,Time dilation,Low frequency sinusoid,The necessary and sufficient conditions,The knife edge accuracy,


Space and time are the necessary conditions for sustaining the Universe whereas mass and energy are the sufficient conditions for sustaining the Universe. All conditions are in almost balanced state but not in absolute balanced state. Little imbalance is maintained by the Universe to sustain the Universe as the way it is now. That is why, the Universe is almost peaceful, but not absolute peaceful. Only we can attain an absolute peaceful Universe by stopping the time in the forward direction (positive direction, the way it is now). The rate of change of anything in time is called evolution. If time stops running, everything will be at absolute rest without any evolution. This is a theoretical abstract idea only because it has no practicality or feasibility in the present state of the Universe. Speed is a function of space and time. It can be easily shown that time is a sinusoid and it loses its frequency of oscillations with the interaction with mass which increases time period, which can be termed as time dilation. The time period is extremely large of time, and the peak of the temporal magnitude is extremely low. Thus, frequency is extremely low. This is the reason, there are hardly any differences of time on Earth compare to free space. Even the astronomical body has very negligible effect on the time period or frequency of time. But time period gets larger with effect of mass, thus, time slows down (due to time dilation), which implies that frequency decreases little bit due to the effect of mass on time. Due to the slight variation in magnitude in a very low frequency sinusoid (time), time runs in the forward direction, as it is now in the present Universe. Thus, space and time are the necessary conditions for sustaining the Universe whereas mass and energy are only sufficient conditions for sustaining the Universe, the way it is now. All these four entities are the key for the Universe to get the present shape, the way it is now. Any change in one condition can lead the Universe to entire different shape with compare to the present shape. Thus, the Universe is at knife edge accuracy but not at absolute accuracy. Any one condition can be smoothly transformed into the others and vice versa.


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