Mohammed Q. Mohammed,Yaqeen S. Mezaal,Shahad K. Khaleel,




Cloud of Thing,Fog Computing,Governmental support,Administrative Informatics Sustainability,


This article provides an overview of cloud computing and fog computing, as well as a discussion of the potential applications of these technologies in Iraq. The ability of cloud computing to provide scalable and adaptable computer resources on demand has led to a significant uptick in interest in this computing model all around the world. However, fog computing improves cloud computing by moving computation to devices that are positioned on the edge of a network. This research investigates the up-to-date applications of cloud computing and fog computing in Iraq, as well as the challenges that have been faced and the potential applications of these technologies in the future, particularly in the areas of agriculture, transportation, and healthcare. The use of questionnaires in research will be the topic of discussion in this study. This is made up of two different parts that work separately. In the first part of our survey, we ask respondents questions about their level of expertise with direct and indirect cloud on object and fog computing. The remaining aspects of the investigation are dissected in Part 2 of the study. These inquiries are in accordance with concerns regarding the complexity of the implementation process, the size and culture of an organization, practicability, compliance with legislation, compatibility with current systems, and support from the government. The final open-ended inquiry of the survey will assist us in compiling a wide variety of opinions on the types of cloud-on-object and fog computing services that are required by the Iraqi government.


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