L. Anitha,R. Mehala Devi,



Shear Wave Propagation,Cylinder,Electrostrictive Materials,Functional Assessment,


This work provides a theoretical framework to investigate the shear wave propagation properties within an Electrostrictive cylindrical layered structure. The structure is made up of a concentric, Functionally Assessed Electrostrictive Material (FAEM) cylindrical layer of limited width and an inadequately bonded Electrostrictive material cylinder. The FAEM layer has a constant functional gradient in the radial direction, and flaws at the interface are taken seriously, mirroring actual circumstances involving structural and electrical degradation. The fundamental electromechanical connected Bessel's equations are used to simplify field differential equations by mathematical modifications. Relationships for shear wave propagation under electrically short and open circumstances are established analytically. The acquired findings are verified against predefined standards and a particular issue instance. The impact of variables on the phase velocity of shear waves, including functional range and imperfection parameters, is shown through numerical simulations and graphical displays. The research also establishes boundaries for electrically short and open circumstances, taking into account the shear defect that exists between the inner and outer cylindrical layers.


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