Polamraju. V. S. Sobhan,M. Subba Rao,A. Sriharibabu,N. Bharath Kumar4,



Synergetic control,Maximum power point,standalone PV system,


A robust nonlinear control technique based on synergetic control theory is presented to extract maximum power of standalone photovoltaic system (SPV). The synergetic control makes the controlled system robust under the presence of system uncertainties and external disturbances such as variable irradiance and temperature. The designed control law guarantees the fast convergence towards the maximum power operating point origin without any oscillations. The PV system comprises of a PV source, power converter, maximum power point tracking algorithm and load. The simulations results show effectiveness of proposed method in comparison with Perturb and Observe (P&O) method under different atmospheric conditions such as variable solar radiation and PV cell temperature.


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