Muhammad TufailKhalil,Johar Hafeez,Muhammad Hasnain,AdeedKhan,Mohammad Adil,MehreMunir,




Building information modelling (BIM),design analysis,(AEC) sector,SAP2000 analysis software,Tekla Structure,


Building information modelling (BIM)Building information modelling (BIM) is a new way of approaching the design and documentation of building projects. The objective of BIM is not only to model and manage graphics, but also information – information that allows the automatic generation of drawings and reports, design analysis, schedule simulation, facilities management, and more – ultimately enabling the building team to make better-informed decisions. This thesis documents the modelling of a real life structure (Qayyum Stadium) as well as implies interoperability checks between BIM tool and SAP2000 analysis software. The Pavilion of Qayyum Stadium is located in Saddar, Peshawar. The data like plans of the structure was acquired. The structure was modeled in BIM tool, Tekla Structures v20. The structure was then exported to SAP2000 for analysis. In SAP2000 Gap analysis was performed to determine the structural elements which were not translated by SAP2000 like curved slab, column beam joints. The component catalog option is an important asset in BIM tool, Tekla Structure, making it easy to counter various flaws during the reinforcement placing. The reinforcement detailing of the structure are done using Tekla Structures, Drawings are generated, quantity take offs are done, Clash Detection tool was applied, which is one of the important tool in Tekla Structure (BIM). Nowadays the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) sector has the intentions to deliver a product through formal procedures, which will not depend on design process. With the development in technology, many sectors(production and business) other than construction industry of production and business (outside of construction) are being modified and refurnished, due to which the construction industry lays behind. Presently construction process is same as it previously hundred years before, from the set of drawings. Mostly these drawings have errors and limitations which ultimately results in delays, increase in project cost and delay in project completion. These limitations and errors can be improved through Building Information Modelling tool.


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