Tariq M. Hammza,EhabN.Abas,Nassear R. Hmoad,




Rotor,Dynamic Response,Nanoparticles Additives,Dynamic Coefficients,ANSYS,


The effect of using lubricant oil additives on the dynamic behaviour of rotor bearing system has been studied in this paper; the modified lubricant oil viscosity relation due to adding additives to oil has been used in the Reynolds equation to calculate the lubricant oil pressure and reaction forces and the calculate dynamic coefficients of journal bearings. The response of rotor was determined analytical and verified the results with ANSYS software. The results show that the viscosity ratio is increasing with increase of aggregate and volume fraction. The lubricant oil pressure is increasing with increase of nanoparticles aggregate and volume fraction up to 130o bearing angular position then decreasing with increase of aggregate and volume fraction. The dynamic response is generally decreasing with increase of aggregate and volume fraction


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