Rajrupa Ghosh,




COVID-19,lockdown,Air quality index (AQI),Industrial city,Eastern India,


The lockdown due to coronavirus (COVID-19) was forced in India from March, 25 to May 3 2020 as precautionary actions in contradiction of the diffusion of infectious virus. The objective of this study is to analyse the changes in air quality between pre and during the lockdown in Asansol, the “coal mining city” of Eastern India is characterized by high pollution levels due to several industries leading to human discomfort and even health problems. Secondary data of seven parameters like CO, SO2, NO2, PM2.5, PM10, NH3, and O3 have been collected from the website of the Central Pollution Control Board, India and AQI were calculated as per the calculator provided by CPCB. The result displays a significant reduction of seven parameters from 33.31 % (SO2) to 60.44 % (PM2.5) due to the shut down of all manufacturing units and transportation throughout the lockdown period. The air quality index (AQI) was also upgraded from a very poor to a satisfactory state during this period. Plants are the main carbon sink, so, a green belt project proposal for this polluted city has been recommended to improve air quality management. This lockdown (temporarily) showed some vaccine effect on the air quality, but this is totally against economic growth.


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