Effect of Lime on the Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Mixtures Using RAP in Pakistan


Muhammad Aemal Khan,Arshad Hussain,Afaq Khattak,Abdul Farhan,Hassan FarooqAfridi,




Dynamic Modulus,Superpave,Flow numbe, RAP, Lime, HMA,


This study investigates the dynamic response | E*|, rutting susceptibility and fatigue resistance of the virgin HMA and HMA blended with RAP and further RAP with hydrated lime mixtures. Optimum binder contents were obtained using Marshal Mix design method and the samples for performance testing were prepared. The Superpave Gyratory Compactor (SGC) was used. The samples were then cored and trimmed to the specified dimensions. Using Asphalt mixture performance tester (AMPT), test was conducted at four different temperatures (4. 4, 21. 1, 37. 7 and 54. 4) and six different frequencies (0.1, 0.5,1,5,10 and 25). And flow tests were conducted at only one temperature of 54.4 C. The viscous properties of the mixture and the dynamic response indicators were brought into account to obtain the fatigue parameters to evaluate the fatigue resistance and from flow tests the rutting susceptibility was evaluated and the results showed that RAP and lime has weak resistance to fatigue but are less susceptible to permanent deformation. Master curves for all the mixtures were developed. HMA blended with RAP are very cost effective and environmentally friendly. The flow number results revealed that the virgin HMA accumulated more strains at less loading cycles as compared to the other mixes.


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