Marwah Sami Abboodi,Majid Habeeb Faidh-Allah,




Composite materials,mechanical properties,fatigue life,below knee socket,


This paper studies the effect of changing layers arrangement of composite materials (four samples consisting of 8 layers with a change in the arrangement of  layers and composite materials were used glass fibers, carbon fibers and perlon with lamina matrix) on the mechanical properties (yield stress, ultimate stress, Young's modulus, and Poisson's ratio) of the prosthetic below knee socket (BK) by using tensile test device. Also, calculate the (S-N) curves for these samples by using bending fatigue test device to calculate the fatigue life.       The pressure distribution between the (BK)socket and the residual lower limb using pressure sensor and the information on gait cycle was by using force plate on the case study patient with (BK) amputation.       The solid work program to drawn the socket and ANSYS workbench 14.5 was used to analyze and evaluate the fatigue characteristic by observing the maximum stress, total deformation and safety factor.       The results show that the yield stress in the samples 2, 3 and 4 is increased about 18 %, 95%, and 91% respectively more than the standard sample1. While the ultimate stress in the samples 2, 3 and 4 is increased 32%, 89%, and 68% respectively more than the standard sample1, the Young's modulus in the samples 2, 3 and 4 is increased about 5%, 18%, and 12% respectively more than the standard sample1, the Poisson's ratio is increased about 3%, 6%, and 7% respectively more than the standard sample1, and the fatigue life is increased about 23%, 73% and 29% in the samples 2, 3 and 4  respectively more than the standard sample 1.


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